Inyena Osei

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An elegant and slender Azawakh dog, Inyena is adept at running at high speeds, even in very hot temperatures. She is a sight hound, like Greyhounds and other such breeds. Unlike Greyhounds, however, she is built for hot, dry climates, and does not do well in rain or cold. She has a short fawn-colored coat that is almost nonexistent on her belly, and dons a white face mask.[1]


Inyena was the daughter of a king and queen before she was separated from them, and her three siblings, in the move to Reverie. She lived a very sheltered life before the move. Due to this, she's never been outside of her parents' kingdom before, and has never experienced true cold, or hardships like hunger. Moving to Reverie will be a shock to her, especially as she is still quite worried and depressed at being separated from her family.


Can raise or lower core temperature by a few degrees.
Limitations: only by a few degrees, temperature change only lasts a little while before it must be reapplied, can be exhausting to continually use ability