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Welcome to the Wolf Roleplay Wiki! This is your one-stop-shop for all things wolf roleplay related. This wiki is game-agnostic, meaning you can put information here about any character from any wolf RPG. You will need to create an account to edit anything on this wiki, but you can browse it anonymously as long as you'd like.

Getting started

Create a character page

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Click your username at the top right, then click "User page"
  3. In the large text box, link to your character: [[Character Name]]
  4. Save your user page
  5. Click on your character's name
  6. In the large text box, insert the following, swapping out the placeholder info (including the game category) with your character's details
{{Character|player=[[Your Name]]|dob=Month DD, YYYY|profile=[ Additional profile]}}

Write whatever you'd like here! The abilities section below is for magical abilities.

{{Ability|Name of ability|Short description|limitations}}
{{Ability|Name of ability|Short description|limitations}}
{{Ability|Name of ability|Short description|limitations}}


Quick tips

  • Create a page by linking to it: [[Character Name]]
  • Use the character template to jump start a character page.
  • Add a page to a category: [[Category:Wolf RPG]]
  • Redirect a page: #REDIRECT [[Destination]]

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