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A golden she-wolf with a base-coat of cream and ridges of rusted brown. Her eyes were golden and she was average in stature.

She was sardonic and prickly, a pessimist at heart and not quick to affection. She attempted to care about little, but in reality cared a great deal. She was selfish and unafraid to speak her mind.


Pre Teekon

Born to average parents in an average pack, Danica's family was forced to relocate when she was young as the group disbanded. They quickly found another home and joined, lowest rungs on a large totem pole. As a child she was shy, but as she grew, she learned that few gave a damn what she had to say. Twisting the narrative, she decided that rather than keep her mouth shut, she in turn wouldn't give a damn what they thought. She learned to speak her mind.

One of the higher ranking young males in the pack took note. He began to court her, but Danica only had eyes for her best friend - a young she-wolf named Caryssa. The pack was old fashioned; when she made her feelings known, the affections were not returned. Disgusted, her best friend went to leadership, who cast Danica from the pack with force. Before she disappeared, she returned the favor, attacking her former flame and friend. The two parted bitter enemies.

She wandered, but did not gel with many packs. Her humor was sardonic and her mouth got her into more trouble than most. She was turbulent and rebellious and did not respond well to authority that blustered.

Swiftcurrent Creek

When Danica stumbled across Swiftcurrent Creek, she was met by Fox, who accepted her into the pack on the condition that she would assist in sending a warning to a group at odds with them. She agreed and joined the ranks. Settling in, she kept her promise and joined a raid on the newly formed Sunspire pack. This was the first of many clashes as tensions rose between the packs, the latter formed from members ousted from the Creek previously.

Unused to such longheld residence, Danica began to grow restless. The conflict was a welcome distraction, but in back to back encounters with Ferdie Von Pelt and Amekaze, Danica was sorely injured. She returned to find that Fox had fled, so delivered her news to Bazi. The Sunspire had taken two captives. Soon after they brought them, but spoke conditions of peace. Bazi had stepped into Fox's role and accepted.

Danica had begun to have burgeoning feelings for the Beta, and those feelings only grew as time passed. Bazi, however, seemed to have eyes only for Scimitar. Jealousy lay heavily on the golden she-wolf, but she continued to serve. As Bazi stepped up as Alpha, Danica was named a "counsellor" alongside Galileo. This news fell flat alongside Scimitar's appointment to Beta and, even more upsetting, Tuwawi and Njal's news that they were leaving to create a home of their own. Danica had taken to denning near the family; she had grown to love their children. Bazi asked her to escort the Sveijarns and help to relocate the pups, a request Danica accepted.

Danica's jealousy had reached a breaking point by now. Unable to hold her tongue any longer, she confronted Bazi about the feelings she held. The Alpha did not take the news well. She refused her and requested that, when Danica escorted the family, she stay with them. Resigned to her fate and expecting no better, Danica accepted without much of a fight. Tuwawi was upset by the news but welcomed an exiled Danica with open arms. Shadow, who had become a good friend in her time with the Creek, offered to leave with her. Danica asked him not to, saying he belonged with Paarthurnax and that Bazi wasn't all bad. His validation meant a lot.

Her chapter with the Creek closed, and together the family moved on.

Duskfire Glacier