Kaede Hayataka

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Average size and average looking brown wolf. His eyes are brown as well.

He is a cunning and somewhat manipulative individual. Friendly, if occasionally a bit of a prick. His family name, and honoring it, means a lot to him.




Pre Teekon

Kaede's mother was a member of her family pack, though under her father's rule they went through a time of great turmoil. Having met and been courted by his father, Ryuu, she determined that the time had come for her to break off. The two founded a home of their own in a forest, far enough from the mountain so as to maintain independence but near enough that visits were not impossible. They named it Makioka Forest. When Kiyoko's brother took control of the mountain, she once more reached out and they formed an alliance of sorts. Kaede was raised with a knowledge of his cousins and other family but did not often see them.

Kaede comes from a tight-knit, loving family and is one of many brothers and sisters. His father was a warrior, very demanding but kind. His mother was doting but had high expectations when it came to respect. Whenever Kaede would get into trouble, he would try to debate his way out. His father humored this when appropriate for he believed such skills to be important as well. He, along with Kaede, realized early on that his son fought better with words and smarts than tooth and claw.

Swiftcurrent Creek

Kaede was not around long enough to make much of an impression on the wilds, but he briefly did a stint in this pack.

Post Teekon

After departing, he returned to his family and settled in. He was a good second to his elder brother and supported him well through his leadership, making his family name proud.