Kaertok Tartok

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Also known as: Malrok, Sungiwok.

Malrok was born in Sawtooth Spire, and he departed along with his family roughly three months after he was born. At around nine months, Kaertok returned to the Teekon Wilds briefly, but his stint was short-lived before he returned to his mother, father, and siblings. When his brother, Anuniaq, set out, Kaertok decided to accompany his brother. They eventually left the Teekon Wilds, and Kaertok's next two years were spent serving under a different branch of Tartok.

Those two years were pleasant ones, but eventually Kaertok got the itch to travel and made his way back to the Teekon Wilds. After a brief (and tumultuous) stay with Stormrift, Kaertok eventually made his way to Rusalka, where he made fast friends with Raleska. Rusalka was no less chaotic, though, and Kaertok eventually left them as well, feeling he couldn't serve under such unstable leadership.

Upon returning to Tartok, Kaertok found himself thinking of Raleska often. Upon the advice of his mother, he returned to the Teekon Wilds to reunite with Raleska, only to find that Rusalka had vanished from the coast. He searched for her for months, eventually pledging himself to help put Legion together. In the spring, he finally did run into Raleska, but she was none-too-pleased with his explanation. They parted, and Kaertok returned to Legion only to be approached by Arbiter who wanted him to give her children, which he agreed to on the condition that they would join another pack if Legion was not strong enough when they were due.

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