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Kiwi is small and delicate with chocolate brown fur and vivid green eyes. There is nothing dainty about her personality; she carries herself with a haughty hubris that borders on insufferable.

The girl has no empathy for others unless the image of it in some way benefits her. She is the personification of pride and takes both rejection and insults extremely badly. Jealousy consumes her and she expects to be the center of attention; she is often deeply insulted if this fails to be the case.

Kiwi is a perfectionist and will tend to twist situations so that she always comes out in the right, even within her own mind. She judges others unfailingly, but the degree to which she does depends on how highly they place her. If she feels she is a priority, she will be more forgiving.




  • Yami - only family Kiwi acknowledges, more than a friend, not exactly a sister