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"Her legs are almost unrealistically long. Onyx has striking beautiful diamond blue eyes which sparkle against obsidian fur. She also has white toes, but not full white paws. She is a tall lean wolf built for running. She is a beauty, tall and slim."

Heart: Onyx was timid, gullible, shy and awkward. She was gentle, loving, and curious, but scared by nearly everything. She loved all forms of life and valued nature. At a young age Onyx became curious of the meaning of her own feelings when she discovered she liked girls.

History: Onyx was born in the south to a single mother. At a young age Onyx's mother dies from food poisoning, leaving the puppy alone to fend for herself. Becoming a paranoid and helpless little thing, she manages to make her way north where she meets Majesty and Silvermane. She's adopted into Wheeling Gull Isle, but when Majesty "disappears" and the pack dwindles to nothing, she leaves. Afterwards she finds herself in Stavanger Bay. While living here, strange feelings and crushes for Kesuk and Leila lead her to question herself and discover more about her own heart. In early 2015, Onyx goes missing, presumably exiting the Wilds. She never returned and is assumed dead by now.