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A fantasy canine RPG started by Autumn.

With prey growing scarce in Takela, canines begin to migrate across a newly-uncovered land bridge due to lowering sea levels. This new continent has been dubbed Reverie.

Code of Conduct

Reverie's code of conduct is the same as the wiki code of conduct, with the following additions.

  • 18+ In order to grant members the most freedom with their writing, we are an 18+ community.
  • IC ≠ OOC. Characters thoughts and feelings don't necessarily reflect those of the player, so don't take things that another character says or does personally.
  • IC actions = IC consequences. If your character is constantly picking fights, be ready for them to lose a few.
  • No public callouts. If you see something that may be breaking the rules, please report it to the admins privately.
  • Admins don't mediate. If you have a problem with another player, talk to them privately. If it can't be resolved, be direct and let them know that you are ceasing communication. Use blocking and ignoring tools available to you. If the other person attempts to get around said blocks, please contact the admins privately.
  • Know the roleplay basics. Avoid bad roleplaying.
  • Third person, past tense. This is the generally accepted standard on most forum roleplay and unless you and your thread partner explicitly agree otherwise, the style that should be used.


Character Creation

  • Wolves, coyotes, or feral dogs.
  • Must be at least 11 months old.
  • Abilities can’t be too OP. Let’s make it fun for everyone and include some limitations!
  • Humans don't exist on this world, so they shouldn't be mentioned in your character's history.


  1. Create an OOC account.
  2. Create a profile for your toon with the minimum information:
    • Name (this should be the title of your thread)
    • DOB
    • Species
    • Sex
    • Appearance
    • Abilities
  3. Add the link to your profile thread in User CP: Manage Characters.
  4. Once you’re approved, you'll be able to post with your new character.
  5. Repeat this process with new characters (no limit on how many you can have).


Can my character have wings, horns, or other extra limbs? 
This is considered a persistent ability, which can only be acquired at birth. See the abilities list for more information.
Can my character be purple, bio-luminescent, or some other unnatural color? 
Sure, go wild! Same goes for eye color.
Can my character be pregnant upon entering the game? Can my character be a puppy? 
No. All puppies must be conceived and born in Reverie. BOOGs would have been born in Takela.
Can my character come from another game? 
Absolutely, so long as they can adhere to our guidelines.
How big or small can my character be? 
Each member of a species is about the same size as every other member of their species. Wolves are the biggest, coyotes are smaller, and dogs vary quite a bit depending on their breed. Do not use exact measurements (e.g. inches) to refer to your character's size. Instead, stick with more generic terms like small, medium, or large.
Can I bring in a [dog breed]? 
Yep! Reverie is a fantasy game, so feel free to bring in whatever you'd like.
Can my character be modeled after another fictional character? 
Yes, but please do so sparingly. If you do borrow inspiration from an existing work of fiction, you must note so in your profile.


Characters get one ability at birth and an additional ability every two years.

Abilities are considered free for all. Somebody may have the same ability that you have created, and you are free to browse profiles for ideas. This is a collaborative game, and it saves the admins from tracking down who made what. You are, of course, encouraged to credit when possible. 💕

Magic is powered by mana. It takes energy to use magic, which leaves the character physically exhausted. More powerful spells require more mana, which can be more draining.

See also: Approved abilities

Activity Requirements

Check-ins happen on the 1st and 15th of the month. Inactive characters are removed from their packs, and it is assumed they have gone back to Takela.


Breeding is permitted year round, with a limit of 8 puppies per calendar year, per group. This must be coordinated with your group leader before the conception thread. Only the female needs permission.

Lone females may not conceive.

Number of puppies per litter (maximum of four) and their genders will be randomized by Discord dice roll.

Adoption details may be posted after the conception thread is complete.

Packs must have, at minimum, one adult per puppy at the time of conception. Example: a pack with five adults can conceive a maximum of five puppies.

Puppies less than one month old will perish without a pack.

Puppies may be NPCs up to nine months of age. After that, it is assumed they dispersed on their own.


Pack Creation

Lottery will be opened as needed. Prospective leaders will apply, and a winner will be chosen based on a Discord dice roll.

Pack Disbanding

Packs disband when they dip below five members.


Reverie's reward system.


See also