Reyes Rivaini

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As a child he was round, soft, and smaller than his siblings. He matured slowly and has since transitioned from a bulky child to a middling pseudo-adult. His body is slim and svelte; he is perfectly suited to seaside living due to his coastal wolf heritage. His long legs and athletic physique make him naturally smaller than most males his age and the bulk of his coat gives him an intimidating heft, but most of which thins out in the warmer months. His dense coat, ragged and wild, is remarkably similar in composition to his late father's in quality and gives him a mantled look. The boy resembles a gender-swapped version of his mother with the same alizarin depth, and hawkish golden eyes. After being attacked by pirates he earned a garish crease of scars around his muzzle (via Eartha) and since then, he's earned a few more cuts, bites, and scrapes but they are mostly hidden beneath his coat.

Defining Characteristics

  • [2] All take, no give.
  • [3] Taking advantage of generosity.
  • [4] Competition freak.
  • [5] Hates being touched.




Adopted Siblings

Blood Family (via Firefly )

Half-siblings (via Aningan )


Year One

Was born.

Year Two

Was a pirate.