Sialuk Ostrega

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Sialuk lives in a cave on the eastern side of Moonspear. The floor is lined with skins, and small, natural shelves are filled with dried herbs, medicines, and gifts from others. Toward the rear is a particularly elaborate shrine which holds the bones brought to Sialuk by her familiar: Sixsix.

Noteworthy possessions


Nickname Giver Meaning
Lil' Miss Fierce Meerkat
Pukak Kukutux sugar snow

For others

Name Nickname Meaning
Argent kivinik water on ice under snow
Elentari mitilluk black duck
Chakliux pualulik white coat seal
Kannoyak tappituk sees far
Keen hyaagam qachaii tree bark
Seal utjuasuk immature square-flipper seal
Whip ittuk king in a deck of cards


Definitions taken from the Atkan Aleut Lexicon.

(?) Denotes best guesses.

English singular his/her/their my
brother braatax̂ braataa braatang
daughter asxinux̂ (?) asxinua (?) asxinung
father taatax̂ taataa taatang
friend agitaadax̂ agitaadaa agitaadang (?)
husband ugix̂ ugii uging (?)
mother anax̂ anaa anang
sister sistrax̂ sistraa sistrang (?)
son hlangix̂ (?) hlangia (?) hlangiang (?)
wife ayagax̂ ayagaa ayagang


  • Argent — formerly betrothed; left after acquiring the bride price
  • Keen — dispersed


  • (2020-05-20) Born
  • (2020-05-31 → 2020-06-04) Eyes open
  • (2020-06-16 → 2020-06-18) Ears perk up
  • (2020-06-16 → 2020-09-09) Eyes change
  • (2020-06-17) Play fighting for dominance
  • (2020-06-24) Short trips outside the den
  • (2020-07-01) Weaning complete
  • (2020-07-27) Move to rendezvous site
  • (2020-08-12) Return to rendezvous site alone
  • (2020-09-23) Attend pack hunts
  • (2020-12-20) Fully grown
  • (2021-01-20) Enter adult ranks
  • (2022-03-20) Sexual maturity



Earned November 2020.

Thread Description
[3] Sialuk learns of her mother's traditions.
[4] Sialuk explains what an ugi and anaa must do.
[5] Sialuk explains her mother's traditions regarding marriage.
[6] Sialuk starts to believe she can talk to animals.
[7] Sialuk learns about ancestral spirits from Nikai, brings back charcoal for the ulaq.


Earned February 2023.

Thread Description
[8] Sialuk makes a deal with a crow.
[9] Sialuk explains to Kukutux how she reads the bones.
[10] Sialuk practices her bone reading skills with Norah, who is a skeptic.
[11] Sialuk uses her crow bones to ask a question about Jarilo's past.
[12] Sialuk reads the bones for Elke.
[13] Sialuk tells her mother of what the bones have said.
[14] Sialuk learns to speak to those who have gone to the dancing lights.
[15] Sialuk meets another bone reader.
[16] Sialuk tells Meerkat of the path the bones have made for her.
[17] Sialuk conveys to Meerkat what Moonspear has told her.

Master Seer

Thread Description
[18] Sialuk uses the bones to make a difficult decision.
[19] Sialuk and Sobeille speak of spirits and reading bones.
  • [20] || Sialuk guides Sobeille on reading an antler.
  • [21] || Sialuk asks Sobeille about her reading progress.


Earned January 2023.

Thread Description
[22] Sialuk sings songs for the dead.
[23] Sialuk learns of her mother's past and traditions.
[24] Sialuk learns more of her mother's culture and traditions.
[25] Sialuk attends a woman's circle.
[26] Sialuk performs a ritual to draw Crowfeather to Foxfur.
[27] Sialuk learns of her mother's myths and traditions around adulthood.
[28] Sialuk learns about Kigipigak's traditions.
[29] Sialuk speaks of her darkened spirit and is guided by Kukutux.
[30] Sialuk speaks of healing her spirit with Meerkat.
[31] Sialuk teaches Alaric of her traditions.

Master Missionary

Thread Description
[32] Sialuk tells Meerkat of her spiritual journey.
[33] Sialuk explains why Moonspear's spirit calls to her.
[34] Sialuk explains the significance of her treasured items.
[35] Sialuk explains courting rituals to Argent.
[36] Sialuk learns about the seal hunter's coming of age ceremony.
[37] Sialuk teaches her children the sunshine language.
[38] Sialuk teaches Ariadne of the death songs.
[39] Sialuk teaches Rodyn of the death songs.
[40] Sialuk and Seal perform a ritual.
[41] Sialuk teaches Acrux stories from their culture.
[42] Sialuk and Kukutux talk of the death songs, marriage, and the demon with her brother's face.
[43] Sialuk discovers a shrine made by Ittuk.
[44] Sialuk teaches Maggak about the strange storm and the bones.
[45] Sialuk asks Ariadne to make wreaths for the marriage ceremony.
[46] Sialuk and Rodyn sing the death songs for Samani.
[47] Sialuk leads the village in a coming of age ceremony for Seal.


Earned November 2020.

Thread Description
[48] Sialuk watches her mother chew up herbs and mimics her actions.
[49] Sialuk bites her own tongue and learns what pain and blood are.
[50] Sialuk fixes up Meerkat's boo-boo.
[51] Sialuk attempts to diagnose Revui.
[52] Sialuk treats Tehama's porcupine wound using mugwort.


Earned January 2023.

Thread Description
[53] Sialuk learns about birthing and is invited to midwife for Kukutux.
[54] Sialuk gives Meerkat advice for her coughing.
[55] Sialuk tends to Kukutux's wound.
[56] Sialuk tends to an injured Kukutux.
[57] Sialuk brings food to nurse Kukutux back to health.
[58] Sialuk searches for herbs for Kukutux's wound.
[59] Sialuk scavenges food for her patient, Kukutux.
[60] Sialuk learns of plants and toxic bugs.
[61] Sialuk saves her sister from choking.
[62] Sialuk tends to Caracal's sprained ankle.

Master Medic

Thread Description
[63] Sialuk teaches Samani about herbs.
[64] Sialuk tends to Caracal and teaches him about CICO.
[65] Sialuk prescribes ragwort for Elentari's aching bones.
[66] Sialuk treats a badly wounded boy.
[67] Sialuk makes a sickbed for bearcurse.
[68] Sialuk makes a sickbed for Chakliux.
[69] Sialuk trades medical knowledge with Bridget and agrees upon trading services.
[70] Sialuk catches up with a former patient.
[71] Sialuk advises a young woman.
[72] Sialuk experiences childbirth first-hand.
[73] Sialuk tends to Seal's wounds.
[74] Sialuk teaches Orca about dandelion's healing properties.
[75] Sialuk shows the children the healing ulaq.
[76] Sialuk very vaguely explains heat cycles.
[77] Sialuk tends to an injured Acrux.