The Daedra

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Disclaimer: The Daedra, Aedra and all concepts to do with both are inspired and directly borrowed from the Elder Scrolls lore.

Primary Daedric Deities

MEPHALA · Mephala is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is obscured to mortals. Her sphere seems to indicate a careful plan carried out through executions, each life a portion of a massive web and sees the affairs of mortals as a weave—pull but one thread and the whole thing unravels. Mephala is often associated with simple concepts such as lies, sex, murder, and the interference in the affairs of mortals for amusement. She is thought to be the ancestor that taught the mortals the skills they would need to evade their enemies and to kill them in secret.

THE NIGHT MOTHER · To the Dark Brotherhood, Mephala is known as the Night Mother. She is the head of the Dark Brotherhood hierarchy and serves as its spiritual leader, an immortal entity who is revered and worshiped by the Brotherhood. She is only ever met face-to-face in very exceptional circumstances and is witnessed in a phantom-like form. When a wolf prays for the death of another, the Night Mother hears and passes on the details of the prayer to her Listener, a wolf who possesses a telepathic bond with her. At this point, the Listener informs a Speaker, who then goes to meet the hiring party in order to draw up a contract. According to Dark Brotherhood beliefs, she is the wife of Sithis and bore five children. To Blackfeather Woods, the Night Mother is represented by Meldresi, their founder, Eternal Queen, and direct connection to the Void.

SITHIS · Also known as the Dread Father, Sithis is the representation of the primordial state of chaos and the Void, where the spirits of the dead go after their lives are over—at least in the beliefs of the worshipers of Mephala and her consort. He is also the patron of the Dark Brotherhood and is said to be the husband of the Night Mother.

Mortals often represent Sithis as a skeletal being, signifying his relation to death. In truth, the Dread Lord is formless and as infinite as the Void. Sithis is described as the embodiment of everything evil but, at the same time, he is described as being nothing at all; a void. He is appeased by death—although he himself is not a God of death—and other acts of suffering and strife.

Text taken from the Blackfeather Woods pack page

Other Daedra

Clavicus Vile:
Hermaeus Mora:
Mehrunes Dagon:
Molag Bal:

The Daedra are commonly worshipped by wolves of the Melonii Family and all surnames falling within.