Zilliken Silvaner

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Zilliken's roots lay somewhere in Alaska, presumably where his type of beast was used by mankind; he is well suited for the north, with a layered coat that grows thick in the winter months, and well furnished limbs. His paws were massive as a cub and over time he has grown to suit them, becoming a giant by the time he reached sexual maturity. Phenotypically he resembles a giant shepherd with a tawny coat matched with distinct black markings, a large head with a tapered snout, and triangular ears. His coat is excessively shaggy regardless of the season and keeps him in a state of uncomfortable warmth. His eyes are a dark brown flecked with wolf gold. His face often holds a severe look — looking either disgruntled, unimpressed, or lethargic — and the black masking to his snout and eyes makes his head seem narrow, except where the tufts of his cheek fur flow like sharp, triangular mutton-chops.


A hopeless romantic; there is something inherently sad about him.



(whelped by Gretel)


Zilliken was an only child, but was greatly loved by his mother Franziska, who was his whole world. He grew up living off the land in the northland, his mother's own birth-home of Sommerach; they were treated more like serfs by the ruling body, but Zilliken always did his share and the two of them stayed out of trouble. He developed friendships with some of the wolves living in the area. He eventually found himself ( essentially ) adopted by a brother-sister duo, Werner and Gretel, who he grew to love as strongly as he loved his mother. When Franziska began to show signs of illness it was up to Zilliken to find a cure, and he searched the entirety of the region for help only to abruptly lose his mother while he was on his journey ( which he will never forgive himself for ). He found comfort among his scattered pseudo-family. One night, after spilling his guts to Gretel and having a confusing tryst, he thought that he had found something to replace what he'd lost; but in the morning her own worries overwhelmed the situation, and she rebuked him harshly. Zilliken left Sommerach with a broken heart. A few months later, heavy with his children and struggling, Gretel gave birth to five children — the family that Zilliken so desperately wanted — only to die of complications. He is unaware of his continued bloodline in Sommerach, and roams the wilderness with a broken heart, hoping that one day he'll see his best friend again one day.

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