Camilla Redhawk

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Sea foam cresting dark rocks in a storm; pale, violent, unkempt. Her eyes were tempestuous sea green. Motherhood filled in the sharp angles of her body; while she retained a lean quality to her limbs and an angular above-average height, her curves became more pronounced and her edges softened. At one point she could've been compared to a silver zeppelin. Complications after her final pregnancy led to her weight dropping dramatically, her mood destabilizing, and she died in her sleep.


The woman was born as Rheia, a Nereides, who was sent away from the sea to live with a midland tribe of priestesses. This place was called Labyrinth; their focus was on the worship of the moon and stars rather than the conjunction of Mother Moon and Mother Sea together. Here she flourished and was happy. On the night of her final initiation (and as the youngest priestess in the small sisterhood's history) she grew anxious and abandoned them out of fear.

While travelling she was met by a man named Joakim Jadot who charmed her, made her feel safe, and proved in a short span of time that there was more to life than the teachings of the sisterhood. He took her as his wife and convinced her that she must take a different name and leave her past behind, and so she became Camilla. So began her love affair, but it was not to last.

Camilla soon learned that her husband was not as pure, nor as trustworthy, as she was led to believe. He would have strange men visiting at all hours of the day or night, sometimes with wives of their own or young girls. On more than one occasion Camilla caught her husband with these women but did not know what to do about it. If she voiced any opposition to her husband's behaviour in private he would become unbearable, and she certainly could not do it in public when his friends were around.

What she failed to notice was that the men weren't just sharing women, but trading them. She learned of this practice when Joakim's attention was drawn to a young woman that his friend Lukja Anan had brought with him. Deciding he wanted the girl instead of Camilla, the men traded wives and that was how Lukja became Camilla's second husband.

The months spent with Lukja amounted to Camilla falling pregnant for the first time. She had three children, of which only one survived, but he was removed from her presence as soon as he was born. Heartbroken that she could not even look upon her newborns, she tried to flee and failed. Lukja was furious with her; it was hard to tell if he was angry over the pregnancy, the failure, or the escape attempt, but it did not really matter - he traded her away for nothing, to a horrible man named Goran Rashid.

With very little time to recover from her ordeal, she was sent to live with this new man. At this point Camilla was too stressed to eat, barely able to sleep, and under constant harassment. She did everything she could to appease this man regardless of what was asked of her, until she couldn't take it any further. Thankfully during her final escape attempt was successful and she made it to the Teekon Wilds.

When she arrives in the Wilds its in a state of immense terror and stress; she's running from someone, and it is Phox of Heron Lake Plateau that finds her. He brings her to the Redhawks and she is given protection. It comes to light that she is trying to escape the abusive behaviour of her husband, and Phox promises to keep her safe. He treats her with kindness, which is utterly new to the woman.

As Camilla adjusts to life within a pack setting again, she wonders what Phox has planned for her. She does not know how to label him as all of her previous relationships with men have been quite specific, and he is too kind to be trusted. However, as she does not have anyone else that she can depend on, she begins to see him as a new husband. She thinks that taking Phox as her mate will purge the trauma from her, as well as protect her should the others come hunting.



Rheia was born to Antiope Nereides (via Luithiarn MacKyran). Antiope could not love her and failed to care for her, until she passed away. Rheia's grandmother Chrysothemis Nereides took care of her until she was taken to Labyrinth. Her maternal aunts Bellona Nereides, Eliana Nereides and Cybele Nereides helped to teach her the history of her people, their culture, and all of the traditions associated with it.

The Company

Joakim Jadot was her first husband and traded her to Lukja Anan, who got her pregnant. After the children were born and Camilla tried to escape, she was recaptured and traded to Goran Rashid. Her final escape attempt brought her to the Teekon Wilds but she was tracked down by Stormy Boy who was contracted by the Company to retrieve her.


Phox Redhawk (husband #4), her beloved twins Fenton & Figment.