Phox Redhawk

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Black and silver coat with black tail, legs, ears, and face. White-tipped tail. Burnt sienna eyes. Large and lean. Large, ugly scar on the left side of his face. Walks with a visible limp in his right foreleg. He is blind in his left eye, though this is not outwardly visible.

Very friendly with pack mates. Neutral toward outsiders. Protective of his family. Sleeps with his family at the rendezvous site unless the children are too young, in which case he sleeps just outside the den. Other pack mates are welcome to join. Can often be found checking on caches and filling them with small prey.


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Thread Description
[1] Phox comes across Hydra, who is trying to track down a bird after finding a bloodied feather.
[2] Phox tracks down a deer (despite warnings) and chases said deer with Lagan and Gannet.
[3] Phox gets a fishing lesson from Eljay.
[4] Phox and Towhee find a shrew nest, and Phox makes a note to come back later.
[5] Phox stalks Raven and Towhee. Phox tracks down a fox.


Thread Description
[6] Phox tracks and kills a fox for Finley.
[7] Phox hunts fox with Camilla.
[8] Phox hunts rabbits with Towhee.
[9] Phox hunts squirrels with Dingo.
[10] Phox hunts fox with Wraen and Finley.
[11] Phox and Bronco hunt partridges.
[12] Phox hunts muskrat, then checks out a beaver dam for future hunting.


Thread Description
[13] Phox checks in on the pack's caches.
[14] Phox tracks and monitors "his" herd of deer.
[15] Phox hunts the deer he's been tracking.
[16] Phox refills a cache after an intruder tries to get into it.
[17] Phox brings rabbits for the cache.
[18] Phox takes stock of the caches.
[19] Phox studies a dead rabbit and fights an abnormally large lynx.
[20] Phox tracks a herd of deer and makes note of a sickly one.
[21] Phox takes stock of the caches.
[22] Phox and Quellcrist talk about the herds returning, small animal behavior.
Master Tracker
Thread Description
[23] Phox and Nellie track a groundhog.
[24] Phox and Fennec check the caches, talk about hunting.
[25] Phox and Dragomir track a badger, get sprayed by a skunk.


Thread Description
[26] Phox asks Raven & Sassafras about the stars.
[27] Phox studies a daffodil.
[28] Phox gathers and studies rocks.
[29] Phox makes the association between the change in the air and rain.
[30] Phox gets an upset stomach from who-knows-what.


Thread Description
[31] Phox ponders changes in the night sky and howls at the moon.
[32] Phox asks Sebastian about the Zodiac.
[33] Phox stargazes with Charon.
[34] Phox stargazes with Ira.
[35] Phox observes constellations and reminisces about Gemini with Towhee.
[36] Phox answers Rory's questions about using the stars to navigate.
[37] Phox teaches Rory more about using stars for navigation.
[38] Phox points out constellations for Towhee.
[39] Phox does some stargazing.
[40] Phox observes a lunar eclipse.
Master Astronomer
Thread Description
[41] Phox and Niamh observe the aurora borealis / northern lights.
[42] Phox tells a bedtime story about Leo the cougar, a constellation.
[43] Phox and Niamh do some stargazing.


Phox was born to Peregrine Redhawk (deceased before his birth) and Fox Redhawk (deceased immediately after his birth) and raised in Redhawk Caldera by his older sister, Raven Redhawk. There is also some ambiguity around who his father is, seeing as though Fox was screwing Kaizer Bluesummer at the time, too. Phox was incredibly close to his deaf sister, Towhee Redhawk, growing up. When it came time to go to war with another pack, he fled, unable to fight or deal with the fact that he might have to watch some of his family die.

He returned to the Teekon Wilds at the end of October 2018 on the brink of death. He was graciously allowed by Towhee to return to the Redhawks, but he was instructed that he would need to earn the right to use that name again.

After a couple of months of healing and proving himself (mainly to Towhee), Phox regained the right to call himself a Redhawk. During this time, he also found a very frightened Camilla and vowed to keep her safe from her previous imprisoners. Unfortunately, she was captured not long after, and Phox went after her. He found her, but her captor knocked him unconscious... but not before he tore a nice chunk into Phox's face. He and Camilla were eventually reunited right around the time his sister, Wildfire Redhawk, formed the Firebirds pack nearby.

Camilla continued to call Phox her "husband," and eventually Phox relented and the two became mates. Not too long after, they conceived their first litter. Figment Redhawk and Fennec Redhawk came into the world, and Camilla died a few weeks later due to complications.

Once Fig and Fennec were a couple of months old, Phox, Towhee, and the two children left the Redhawks to start Asterism Grove. This was for a variety of reasons, including not feeling welcomed by Quixote, wanting a safer place for blind Fennec, and Towhee's fight with Tegan Blackthorn. Their claim was solidified in early July with both Phox and Towhee taking lead of the pack.

After tumbling down a landslide caused by earthquakes in the early fall, Phox was left with serious injuries, including going blind in his left eye. He was still cut-off from the rest of the pack, including Towhee. Unable to resume his duties, he went to live with Raven and the Frosthawks as she nursed him back to health. He was accompanied by his son, Figment, who received mentorship from Rannoch.

As soon as Phox was able to travel, he returned to the Teekon Wilds, correctly assuming that Towhee had joined the Firebirds. The surprise was that Fennec was there as well, and so the little family of four was once again whole. Shortly after his arrival, he reconnected with Niamh Blackthorn and expressed his long-held attraction to her. After some ups and downs and a couple months of uncertainty, Phox and Niamh decided to make things official and become mates.

Around the time Niamh was beginning to show the first visible signs of pregnancy, Towhee gave birth to a surprise(!) baby, whom she named Meerkat. Phox was immediately crowned the father, in every way except biologically. A month later, Niamh gave birth to three children: Primrose, Alyx, and Quetzal. Fennec abruptly left the Firebirds with Penn not too long after, though Phox did his best not to be too angry with her sudden departure.

Pack History




February 22, 2015
February 29, 2016
January 1, 2017

Half-siblings through Peregrine

March 31, 2014


April 1, 2019 with Camilla
April 4, 2020 with Niamh