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Frosthawks is located in a territory just south of Silver Creek (Teekon Wilds). Going to visit is not unlike visiting any other in-game territory, i.e., takes a day or two.





  • October 28-29, 2020: Phox, Eljay, Weejay
    • Discussed possible relocation of the Firebirds to Redhawk Caldera. (Raven and Liffey's reaction was positive!)
    • Crow has departed after a big blowout with his former girlfriend, Sequioa.
    • Liffey was bumming because Eshe and Tiarnach left a few weeks ago. She let them know they're somewhere in the Wilds and let her know if they come across them. She's letting them do their thing though, so she just wants new, not convince them to come home.
    • Raven and Weejay spent some time together, sharing herb/gardening advice.

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