Glaukos Ostrega

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His intended name was to be Glaukos Ostrega. When he could talk he named himself Karst. Merrick of Ursus called him Tuur. Kukutux of Moonglow called him Nuak (which means 'nephew') until he disrespected her. He currently is called Kiliutak ('scraping tool for seal skin'; meant in a derogatory manner, she's calling him a tool).


Parents: Revui x Ikkalrok
Siblings: Astyanax
Allies: Avicus, Merrick, Averna, Illidan
Enemies: Everyone else, presumably.


  • Active since 2020-07-06 ( Precise age )
  • Mother was killed by Astara soon after his birth.
  • Raised by Astara for a time, then Averna, then left to his own devices.
  • Astyanax vanishes and he tries to find him, but finds Illidan instead.
  • Returns to Ursus and is given a role by Merrick (caretaker).
  • When he struggles at this, he is given a new charge: to protect Avicus above all others.
  • He gets lost when seeking herbs for the storehouse.
  • Kukutux finds him. He lives with her in Moonglow for a bit.
  • Avicus arrives to cause havoc and is chased off, wounded.
  • He spent time as a captive within Moonglow, before being marked and cast out.
  • After this he was picked up by the Saints of the Dying Light and trained by Nyra.
  • When warriors from Ursus and Akashingo confront Nyra, the boy has a choice to make, and he fails; he runs.
  • The warrior called Germanicus gives him a new contract.

Trades / Skills

Year Zero
  • Earned Spiritualist and Mercenary trades before his first birthday.
Year One
Goals: Seer, Warrior, Tactician.