Minerva Kea

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A blue-blooded Nereides; a warrior, hunter, and proudly athletic Amazon. A patrician of the family Kea — she boasts the lean, sharp figure of a coastal wolf bathed in white-blonde. She takes great pride in her appearance, holding herself with confidence and poise, with the sharp edge of power and defiance within her moon-kissed gaze.


Born on an island off of the Themiscrya Coast to the matriarchal society of the Nereides. She was raised in the belief that she is a divine daughter of the Mother Sea and Mother Moon and took to it with ease, eager to develop in to someone her people could be proud of. She currently holds an Amazon aspect and strives to find enough balance to acquire her Nymph aspect so that she may be a worthy Siren.

Teekon Wilds

After washing ashore along the coast of the Wilds, Minerva is discovered by the then-pregnant Rosalyn Rivaini of Rusalka. Their meeting is not life altering, but Minerva does try to help ease the other woman's worries. When they part, Minerva begins the task of understanding the heathens she has found herself among. She meets Wraen Redleaf-DiSarinno of the Firebirds and learns just how different the mainland is from her island home. Afterwards she departs, unsure of her purpose.

When she returns to the Wilds she is still lost, but driven towards the seaside. Due to the calamities of autumn the Wilds are not in the best shape, with the coast being flooded or pulverized to the point of being uninhabitable, so Minerva heads inland. There she encounters Rosalyn a second time and is invited to stay as a member of Rusalka.


Kea Island

Her mother was the priestess Dema Kea; her beloved sister Phaidra Kea is the only relation she recognizes, but she does have a living brother, Kritos Kea.


As a Selenite, Minerva believes that the founding matriarch of her island is akin to a prophet or demigod, exalting the memory of her as readily as she worships the Mother Moon and Sea. Selene Nereides began the Kea Island branch as far back as fifty generations ago, so she is more myth than reality.