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Tulimaq resembles your typical grey wolf, and due to his size and build he looks younger and weaker than he truly is. He is built like a runner, with long legs and a substantial amount of natural power within his dense muscles. He is quite a tall and broad creature, towering over his siblings ever since he could remember, although he carries himself in a passive manner. If someone were to look in to his ancestry they'd find his mixed silver pelt, large size, and slight sharpness to his features to be a throwback to his paternal grandfather, Njal.


His biological parents are Saghani of Tartok and the rogue, Larus. He has never met his father, as his parents drifted apart before he was born. He was raised among his mother's militaristic people, learning of the world through physical trials, which he excelled at.

When the litter had reached their first birthday Saghani brought them back to the Teekon Wilds, searching for her lost mate, but he was never found. It was during this time that Saghani encountered Moonspear - losing her life to the teeth of Hydra Ostrega and her sisters. The yearlings were unaware of this event and presumed their mother had abandoned them, so they returned to the north.

Tulimaq focused his energy on making a name for himself, and earned the right to form his own branch of Tartok. He chose to investigate the Teekon Wilds again and became fixated upon the Tuktu Hinterlands - finding the challenge of the impenetrable barrier mountains to be appealing. He set his sights on Boartusk Heights. Despite his desire and his drive, Tulimaq's efforts did not sustain beyond a few months, and with the influx of wolves to the surrounding territories he decided to give up.

Following the failure to conquer the mountain he fell in with the Firebirds, unaware that he had started to fixate upon a new prize worth conquering: Wildfire. He lingered with the Firebirds for a few weeks before wanderlust began to creep up on him, and then he dispersed from their company without a word to anyone. Upon his return a few months later, he found that Wildfire had passed away and the pack was under new leadership, as Colt Blackthorn had stepped up to lead. Now that he was no longer tethered to anyone or anything, Tulimaq chose to disperse from the wilds entirely.


Ugalik (via Ksenjia Cairn )