Maia Redleaf-DiSarinno

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Maia inherited her father's ghostly silver eyes as well as his patched grey appearance. Her tone is darker, however, and shot through with a light tan that frames her cheek and falls down her throat. She is a large, stocky wolf.

Maia is extremely bright and cheery and loves to tell stories. She will try to make friends with about any wolf and tends to try to make light of serious situations. She isn't a huge fan of large change, and she can be lazy at times, but she has a good heart and an optimistic outlook.

Her cheerful veneer hides a hugely self-deprecating core. She has a flair for being overdramatic and takes rejection and insults extremely personally. She'll try to shrug them off, but she tends to take others' opinions to heart. Sometimes her laziness is more fear than anything else; she has an inner voice that tells her often what she can and cannot do and she has a hard time ignoring it.

Defining Characteristics

  • Positive
  • Low self esteem
  • Enthusiastic
  • Spacey
  • Kind





Children (06/04/2021)

Adopted Children




Maia was born to Dante and Osprey into the Redleaf-DiSarinno Pack. She grew up safe and happy amongst her two littermates, Coriander and Cassandra. Wraen was there for a short time when she was young, but left soon after, and Sarah the only one to return for any amount of time after initially setting out.

Growing up, Maia got along well enough with Cori, but clashed often with Cass. She was immensely insecure even as a child and reacted poorly to Cass's teasing and occasional bossiness. Osprey wasn't the most present of mothers due to her illness, but she often told stories, and when she could not, Dante would instead. As a result, Maia held a deep love of any tale since before she could remember, and she always dreamed of becoming a storyteller who was half as accomplished as she thought her mother was. She also dreamed of becoming the hero of said stories, but lacked the drive needed to learn how to fight.

When she was nearly one year old, Maia decided to strike out, seeking to join her older siblings out in the wider world.


When Maia first arrived in Teekon Wilds, she went to Redhawk Caldera first, the place where her uncle supposedly lived and her mother had said she'd be welcome. Instead she'd met Tegan there. They did not hit it off and she left, finding that her siblings weren't there anyway. Leaving there, she struck out to find them. She was not adept at taking care of herself, inefficient at hunting, and wound up getting herself sick. By the time Wraen found her she was burning up with fever. Her sister helped her to recover before taking her to join Sunspire with Terance. Right when she arrived, while trying to get at some honey, Maia knocked a beehive down. Both she and Wraen were stung, but her sister had a terrible allergic reaction to the stings. Maia freaked out, afraid she'd killed her sister and that the pack (and Terance) would hate her. Her overreaction drew her into isolation and depression, only breaking from it when Wraen found her and convinced her she was alright.

After that, Maia began to integrate with the pack. She and Wraen grew extremely close very quickly, sharing a love of stories and childish games. Things remained relatively smooth, even with Terance's unintentional fatherhood straining some relations in the pack. Maia was simply resolved to be the best aunt ever! She was upset when Seabreeze and Terance split and the mother took the children to a neighboring pack, but did not have much time to dwell on it. A food shortage hit and the pack began to speak of moving.

Alongside her friend Coelho, Maia assisted in scouting a new territory, and the two stumbled upon Lost Creek Hollow. While the logistics for the move were sorted out, Maia was a frequent babysitter to Liffey and Rannoch's first brood of kids. Right before relocating, however, Wraen broke the news that she was burnt out on life in the pack and would not be moving with them. Instead, she would strike out on her own. Maia was torn between remaining with Terance and following Wraen, but she knew that she would follow her sister. It was a pattern that would track from that point forward.

Maia helped to escort the pack to Lost Creek Hollow, but never joined the pack. She said her goodbyes to Terance and then struck out to join Wraen in her travels.


Thus started a brief period of travel where she met a variety of wolves. The one who stuck out most, however, was Illidan. She'd become quickly smitten with him, referring to him as her "prince" as soon as she found out his mother led a pack near the sea. His sadness drew her to him, making her want to brighten it, but she did not cross paths with him again often or for a long time after. Instead, she and Wraen continued forth, eventually running into Wildfire and receiving an invitation to her newly forming pack. Wraen wished to accept and Maia acquiesced, knowing she could still travel just as well, even with a home to return to.


Thus began their stint with the Firebirds. Wraen was content to settle in, but Maia continued to travel, practicing her storytelling and meeting new wolves. One such wolf was Charon at the neighboring Moonspear. The two bonded over his friendship with her mother and became fast friends. Maia considered him one of her best all through the duration of their shared time, and she visited him often to swap stories and simply talk.

During her first visit back to Terance, however, Maia recieved horrible news. Sarah had returned to the wilds after a fire drove her out of their home forest. She did not know if their siblings had survived, but she did know that their parents had not made it out. Maia was shattered by this news. It took her weeks to regain some semblance of her positivity, but after that, it felt like the hits just kept rolling. First, she met a wolf who she presumed to be Illidan's choice, and that sent her spiraling. Then, much worse, Wildfire died. Finally, to top it all off, she learned during a visit to Moonspear that Charon had perished as well. This was the straw that broke her. She let Wraen know that she needed time away, then left, wishing to spend some time and see for herself the ruin that their former home had become.


Maia spent 4 months away. While she was home she found their siblings, alive and well, and was able to spend time with them mourning her parents and enjoying their company. It cheered her up immensely to know that they were all okay, and slowly, she began to heal.


On her initial return, Maia went to Terance first, intending to bring both he and Sarah the news that their siblings were okay. She only found Terance, unfortunately, but assumed she could deliver the news to Sarah eventually. Then she returned back to the Firebirds claim. The winter had been harsh and a famine had struck the wilds; Maia was starving before she could make it back. She attempted to snag food from Moonspear, but was knocked off and chased before she could manage even a bite. She might not have made it if it hadn't been for Preeti, who helped her by gifting her a frog or two to eat. She ended up leading the girl to try to join the pack as well, but unfortunately changed her mind at the last moment, deciding to move on instead.

Maia was overjoyed to be reunited with Wraen, but upset to hear how much leadership had weighed on her. Apparently Colt had been killed by Kiwi (who she hated already) and Wraen had stepped up to lead in his stead. Maia began to grow self-conscious about her own contributions to the pack, but was determined to ensure her sister wasn't stuck doing nothing but working all the time.

Maia had met Eljay a few times before, but the first time she began to form a crush on him was when she attempted to help him and Weejay to look for signs of his missing son, Elfie. Maia adored Weejay from the start, both her love for her dad and her extremely sweet nature. Plus, she seemed to have a genuine love of stories that never went wrong with Maia! Shortly after, Eljay asked Maia to scout with him and to ask nearby packs if they had seen Elfie. She enthusiastically took him up on the offer and the two traveled, seeking information in a few neighboring places.

Eljay ended up returning early, but Maia stayed out a bit longer, striking out towards the coast. She came up empty and hated coming back with bad news, but she knew she needed to return. He was disappointed but understanding, and she managed to cheer him up a bit at least. It turned out that, while she was away, Wraen had once again met an encounter with some hornets. This time the effects seemed to take longer to wear off, and Towhee had taken control of the pack again. Maia didn't mind Wraen not leading (she wasn't a fan of 'responsible Wraen' anyway) but her sister's health worried her. Wraen, however, conversely requested that they leave and go traveling once again. Now that Bronco and Meerkat were living at Moonspear, the two packs were allies under Towhee's leadership, and Wraen and Arcturus did not wish to stay because of it. Maia was again torn, this time between Wraen and Eljay, and this time the decision was harder. Eventually she convinced herself that Eljay didn't want her that way, however, and that he'd be no worse off with her gone. Their final conversation, when she said her goodbyes, only seemed to confirm this for her. So together the three left to travel once more.


At first Maia resented leaving; not because of her sister, but because she felt awkwardly like a third wheel with Wraen and Arcturus together. Seeing them reminded her of Eljay and only made the decision worse. As time passed, however, she got past it and began to enjoy her time with them. She managed to rope Penn into their little band as well and together the four lived loose and free, wandering where they would and experiencing the different sides of the wilds. They followed a path through their parents' old territories... first the Sentinels, then the Plateau.

After a few months of this, Maia found herself near Redhawk Caldera. While considering whether or not to explore it, she was approached and then viciously attacked by a wolf who appeared friendly. She took off towards the Caldera but did not see the drop and, rather than stopping, fell within it. Injured and unconscious, she was fortunately found by Eljay, who had relocated there only a short time prior with the rest of the Firebirds. He took her to his den, treated her injuries, and the two had a raw conversation that was spurred by a breakdown from Maia. During this, Maia realized she'd fallen in love with him and Eljay, in turn, confessed that he liked her. She confirmed that she 'liked' him as well, and the two spend her recovery in close companionship, both attempting to ignore the fact that soon she'd need to choose again once Wraen came and she was ready to travel once more. Towhee seemed keen on her staying, but Maia struggled with knowing that Wraen would be alone (aside from Arcturus, of course) without her.

When Wraen showed up, her health had again taken a small turn. She spent a couple of days recovering, then they began to work out a plan on how things might play out. The situation with Moonspear had worsened, apparently, with an encounter between Wraen and one of Arcturus' "friends". Maia proposed that they settle near Redhawk Caldera, but away from the mountain, and use their friendship with the Moonspear's allies to their advantage. She would be able to visit Eljay regularly, Wraen and Arcturus would not have to fear Hydra, and they could remain close to their friends and family within the other pack. The sisters decided on Broken Antler Fen to make their claim, and together they began to pull together a pack.

As soon as she was recovered enough, Maia decided to head to where Terance last was to let their brother know where they would be living now. Instead Maia met Arbiter who informed her of Terance's death. She returned unhappily home, once more the bearer of bad news, to tell Wraen and the others about it.


Slowly they began to pull together more and more members, and discussions began on how the pack would work. Maia was conflicted because, while she knew she might end up needing to leave to keep Eljay, a large part of her wished to embrace life in this new pack. She was tempted to try leading, though self-confidence and her doubts that anyone would take her seriously kept her from speaking up. Eventually she worked up the courage, however, and was given the role of Raven alongside Teya and Ibis (who was in turn promoted to Auspex).

Following this, Maia also worked up the courage to ask Eljay to come live with her. He didn't give her a yes or a no at first, but the perceived refusal made Maia overreact and caused both of them to spiral, each thinking they'd upset the other. The decision wasn't really made until they began to talk about children; when Eljay asked for permission, he was told no, and this was the final factor that decided their home. Eljay immediately came to live alongside her in Brecheliant.

It was a rocky beginning but after some time, they settled in and were able to start a family. Though she worried for a time that she wouldn't be able to, Maia ended up with two daughters; Sylvie and Hymnal.

The very day her daughters were born, however, tradgedy struck; Wraen died of the illness that had been plaguing her ever since they struck out to travel alone. Maia was absolutely shattered by this. She slipped into a deep depression that was only really broken by the necessity to take care of her new children. In the midst of that, there was a second blow when Ibis also perished. As a result of her niece's death, Maia and Eljay also took in her pups and made the decision to raise them as well.