Maia Redleaf-DiSarinno

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Maia inherited her father's ghostly silver eyes as well as his patched grey appearance. Her tone is darker, however, and shot through with a light tan that frames her cheek and falls down her throat. She is a large, stocky wolf.

Maia is extremely bright and cheery and loves to tell stories. She will try to make friends with about any wolf and tends to try to make light of serious situations. She isn't a huge fan of large change, and she can be lazy at times, but she has a good heart and an optimistic outlook.

Her cheerful veneer hides a hugely self-deprecating core. She has a flair for being overdramatic and takes rejection and insults extremely personally. She'll try to shrug them off, but she tends to take others' opinions to heart. Sometimes her laziness is more fear than anything else; she has an inner voice that tells her often what she can and cannot do and she has a hard time ignoring it.