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Software Dev in the Chicago area <3

I am a CM for Wolf and do some of the coding whenever I have the time. I've been RP'ing since the MSN Groups days, way back when.

Generally I'm always open to threads, though I don't OOC plan. Feel free to tag me anytime, and don't be afraid to reach out if you have a question! My number one goal is to enjoy myself and allow thread partners to do the same.

Rosalyn Rivaini 1,524 UTD
Maia Redleaf-DiSarinno 933 UTD
Zane Ostrega 55 Needs Bio
Bridget Ó Ceallaigh 102 UTD
Fennec Redhawk 828 UTD
Ashlar Quinn Mayfair-Cairn 139 Needs Bio
Gannet Redhawk 813 Needs Bio
Dante Cor Obscuri 1,357 Completed
Danica 319 Completed
Colt Blackthorn 689 Completed
Kiwi 561 Completed
Vienna Songbird Ostrega 350 Needs Bio
Manauia 118 Completed
Kaede Hayataka 24 Completed
Sweet Tooth 14 Completed